A Quick Guide on Deep Cleaning your Premises

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A Quick Guide on Deep Cleaning your Premises

Introduction – Deep Cleaning Services

Indian homes are deeply cleaned at least once a year, most of them just before Diwali. A practice maintained to keep the insects away and maintain health, deep cleaning services should not be confused with the regular ones.

Deep cleaning v/s regular cleaning

Regular cleaning is generally done on daily or weekly basis. It focuses on cleaning the dust and dirt which is easily visible to the eye. And usually limits to just that.

Whereas deep cleaning includes cleaning surfaces that are not easy to access. They are often layered with dirt which is accumulated over months. You may also find grime, human skin and hair residue, mould, cobwebs, and even insects in such areas.

And as you can imagine, to clean such corners requires more effort and time. Here is a quick guide on efficiently deep cleaning a house.

How to deep-clean what

Drawing room

The main hall is inarguably the most used area of any house. The furniture of the main hall is usually movable. Thus, it is easy to keep the floors clean. However, deep cleaning also includes the washing of the upholstery from the sofa, dining chairs, and other seating material.

Additionally, if the hall has chandeliers, wall-hangings, and fans, they all have dust and grime. Other areas like behind the television set, under the sofas, cabinets, or tables also have to be accessed and cleaned with strong cleaning agents. A broom and a mop won’t do.


The bedroom, guest rooms, and children’s room usually have furniture which is not easily moved. These spaces are generally not even touched by the maid service, as they require much effort to reach to. For example, the bed, wardrobes, and study tables. Thus, these have to be dusted, swept, and mopped.

 Another beneficial practice to follow is to spray these areas with insect-killers. By doing so, you keep the cockroaches and bedbugs away, which may prove threatening to your health.


 The vapours of cooking oil, pressure cookers, and spices all find a place on your kitchen ceilings and walls. These marks are often difficult to get rid of. A lot of scrubbing is required even when you clean them with special tools and liquids.

And you’ll agree that it is not just the walls that drain all your energy while cleaning a kitchen. The cabinets, every jar, utensil slots, the fridge, the floor under the fridge… these are all equally demanding.

And although it is a difficult task, cleaning the kitchen is also the most critical one. Since all the food is made here, an unclean kitchen can be a direct invitation to diseases and sickness.


Water, dust, humidity, vapour, all rest inside the bathroom, dirtying it with each passing day. Moreover, bathrooms host more germs than any other space in your house. Thus, they should be ideally deep-cleaned at least 3 or 4 times a year.

The moss that accumulates beneath washbasins and the corners of the bathtubs, the toilet seat and floor around it, all need your attention. The janitors don’t access all of these every day. And hence, they have to be cleaned with strong acids more often than not. We recommend that you indulge in incessant scrubbing, washing, and mopping when it comes to the bathrooms.

Storage Areas

Storage areas are often filled with dust, cobwebs, and insects, as they are not visited so often. Thus, a lot of dusting and washing is required in these areas. If you store food grains, make sure that there are no insects feeding on your future meals. If you store clothes, be wary of rats cutting their way into them.

 In all, storage areas may take up more than half a day and end up giving you a sore throat due to all the dust. So, don’t forget to wear a mask. Better yet, get a housekeeping service on board. Conclusion

We know what you are thinking. Deep cleaning is a task for the brave-hearted and the strong-armed. So, you can either spend your precious weekends scrubbing and sweating or let us do it for you.

HPFMS offers professional housekeeping services for deep cleaning of commercial properties. To know how we can ease your troubles, get in touch.