Security Measures Your Hotel Can Benefit From

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Security Measures Your Hotel Can Benefit From

The department of hospitality has been steadily on the rise. This has led to hotels providing uber luxurious facilities and exceptional security. However, they are not crime-free places.

In fact, hotels often witness crimes. These may include murders, suicides, robbery, smuggling, terrorist attacks, and human trafficking. They are also exposed to guest and employee thefts, fires, trespassing, and more.

We’re sure you don’t want to face such scenarios. So, how do you guard your hotel against threats? The answer lies in training the hotel security guards and staff for all situations.

Did You Know?

In India, millions of women and children become victims of sex trafficking. Many of them endure torture in hotels. The hotel staff is now trained to look for signs of the same.

3 ways to ensure maximum hotel security

Keep watch, always.

 The prime feature of a security service is to perform meticulous property surveillance.

Security guards must patrol the property regularly during the day and the night time. CCTV footage of all areas should also be constantly checked.

Gate security must record the details of visitors. Parking security should check valet visitors and all vehicles that enter the property. Employees must also go through a security check while entering and leaving the hotel.

Moreover, restricted entry should be allowed to the kitchen and storage rooms. Monitoring all entry and exit doors also proves valuable.

Involve every single employee.

There is one thing every space in a hotel has- hotel staff. Be it the pool or the lobby, all areas have a hotel employee. So, training them for basic security practices can come in handy.

Staff should report suspicious behaviour, unattended luggage, and security breaches. Additionally, they can take small actions that avert possible threats.

For example, letting out any information of guests is dangerous to their safety. Or if a guest asks for a change of room or a new room key, they should be first confirmed as guests in the hotel.

 As evident, hotel security guards cannot perform all tasks. Checking people in or showing them into their room is done by other members. Thus, if the staff that handles such actions, they can help avoid mishaps.

Get a security expert on board.

 Guests can charge a lawsuit against your hotel. This may prove hurtful to business. To avoid such conditions, you have to make sure that the property is guarded with proper policies.

Security managers look into such matters. By reviewing criminal activity statistics, they help formulate rules and regulations. They can thus protect your hotel against certain litigations.

Additionally, security experts map out the need for security guards and equipment based on the needs of your property. Thus, by following their vision, you can include many security provisions.


Keeping your hotel secure is a mammoth task, indeed. But taking care of little things can sometimes go a long way.

At HPFMS, we encourage our security staff to be vigilant. This ensures the most secure environment for the hotel.  To know more about our hotel security services, reach out to us.