The Ideal Office Security Guard

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The Ideal Office Security Guard

When you hire a security guard, you trust them with protecting the property. This includes vital papers, machines, money, and the safety of your staff. When you hire someone who’d take up grave duty, wouldn’t you check twice?

A good office security guard can support the company in many ways. A bad one, though, can lead to a great loss if the property is put under a hapless situation. Here are some traits that define a skilled office security guard.

Did You Know?

India has the largest force of private security. There are 7 million security guards in the country.
Delhi tops the list of states with most theft cases in India in 2016. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, there are 600 incidents of theft per 1 lakh inhabitants.
India has 5 times as many security guards as police officers, with the highest such disparity in the world.
More than 7,90,000 cases of offences against property were reported in India in 2016. These include burglary, dacoity, theft, and more.

Trained and experienced

 Office security guards are trained to respond to dangers and threats. They follow a strict regime and are honest with work. And like any other job, experience makes them efficient.

Vigilant in patrol and surveillance

 The ideal security guard is sincere with work. They follow protocol and make surprise checks. They also patrol the property and always look out for danger.

Attentive to details

 Your office may have expensive machines, papers, and personal items. It is an office security guard’s duty to protect them. They should be able to find out if any suspicious activity is going on in the campus.

Able to deal with threats

 Office security guards should know how to deal with sensitive situations. They may include robberies, power cuts, earthquakes, and fire. In such times, they must show a quick response.

Good communication skills

 They must be able to welcome visitors and direct them to the right place. They should also maintain entry records and help people with queries or directions.

Skilled in surveillance technology

 Most commercial companies now use CCTV cameras, alarms, and other security tools. A good office security guard knows how to operate these gadgets.


 Each day, a security guard deals with different things. Hence, they need to be able to solve varied problems. The job, hence, needs the presence of mind and pro-activeness.


 Office security guards need to be physically strong and active. In case of emergencies, they should be able to turn on alarms, catch offenders, and patrol the area.


The office security service clientele of HPFMS includes global and national firms. The company has a network spread out across India. It provides guards and security teams as per property needs. HPFMS office security guards are vigilant, robust, and trained. They ensure that your office is always secure. To know more about the services and for any other queries, drop a message.