How are you taking care of your Commercial Building Security?

Commercial building security and housekeeping

How are you taking care of your Commercial Building Security?

Are you attentive to what your property needs? Any place which sees abundant visitors requires maintenance and security. The truth is, people work better in a healthy and safe environment.

Commercial building security and housekeeping, hence, become important. They help maintain the property’s ambience. Most importantly, they ensure its well-being as well as of everyone in it.

But each commercial property is different in area, structure, man force, and design. So, the methods to manage a property change depending upon these factors.

What do the stats say?

98% of all workers are affected by a contagious disease due to poor sanitation in the workplace.
Nearly 1/3rd of workers feel that the environment at their workplace makes their allergy symptoms worse.
Employee theft and fraud costs companies millions each year.

Let’s see what different facilities need for their management.:

Construction sites


Sites often span vast areas. Hence, construction site security guards usually work as a team.

Construction security guards take care of duties like:

 Examining all visitors and vehicles for site entry.

 Escorting visitors to the site office.

 Making entry logs of visitors and deliveries.

 Maintaining watch over delivery trailers and site equipment.

 Foot patrolling the property at intervals.

 Responding to emergencies.

 Inspecting fences/open areas for security breaches.

Industries and Factories


Such properties are full of valuable raw materials, expensive machinery, and products. Hence, it becomes crucial to guard them against threats. A factory security guard fulfils tasks as below.:

 Analysing the factory for suspicious changes.

 Managing the opening and closing of the factory.

 Inspecting areas for security threats.

 Guiding visitors to the office.

 Examining the entry and exit of trucks and parcel vans.


Housekeeping in industries can be a tedious process. Manufacturing, moving of materials, the intervention of workers, all make the area unclean. Hence, a factory housekeeping team can help in better functioning of the property. Factory housekeeping services can help with tasks listed here.

 Floor, washroom, and pantry cleaning.

 Machinery cleaning.


 Organizing materials and products.

 Waste removal and disposal.



Warehouse security is something all warehouse owners are concerned about the most. Here is how a security team can make a difference.

 Strict patrolling to avoid thefts.

 Switching on and off lights, generators, ACs, and other devices.

 Inspection of parcel trucks and vans during entry and exit.

 Quick action during emergencies.


Warehouses develop rodents, pests, and germs if not kept clean. Moreover, an unclean environment can also affect the quality of your product. Hence, warehouse housekeeping is a critical task.

A warehouse housekeeping service performs various tasks:

 Dusting and mopping of floors and walls.

 Cleaning of refrigerators, containers, or shelves.

 Deep cleaning of washrooms, sideways, and yards.

 Cleaning of packages and products.


HPFMS provides professional housekeeping and security staff for small and large properties. We encourage the employees for excellent service and cater to specific client needs. If you are interested in knowing more about the services or hiring the company, kindly drop a message. The team will reach you shortly.