Back to work! Experience at HPFMS – SMITA

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Back to work! Experience at HPFMS – SMITA

It has indeed been a pleasure to be part of the HPFMS team.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to make a comeback to work after a span of 6 years. HPFMS is a good organisation to work with. The team here is excellent and has experienced professionals like Pallav Sir and Kalpana Mam from the Corporate sector which reflects in the work culture.

There is a lot of opportunity and freedom given here to present our thoughts and ideas to implement at work. Flexible working hours has been a great motivating and confidence building factor for me to join HPFMS.

For me the flexibility at work started even before I joined. I had postponed my date of joining by a day due to emergency at home front. Flexibility at work is one of the main aspects which is a main concern for women specially like me who want to come back to work after a break for family reasons. More than 50% women from the industry drop out from their working life span due personal reasons. Due to lack of such flexible working opportunities there is no come back.

This a major point to ponder for the HR professionals and employers as well, to bring back skilled women employees to work. It also requires a lot of commitment by employees to appreciate the flexibility given to them. Someone has rightly said.

”Punctuality is not about being on time, its basically about respecting your own Commitments.”