Mall Maintenance: Security and Housekeeping

shopping mall maintenance and housekeeping

Mall Maintenance: Security and Housekeeping

A superior grade shopping mall usually spans 400,000 sq. ft. in area. As one can imagine, such properties need extra efforts to run smoothly. Shopping mall maintenance, hence, is a tough task fulfilled by a number of people.

From cleaners, guards, and peons, to the maintenance staff, they all greatly contribute to a mall’s sustenance. This team is responsible for its safety and cleanliness. And indirectly, for the safety and health of hundreds of visitors it sees every day.

Did You Know?

Annually, 2,851 shoplifting cases are observed in malls.
In every 10 malls, only 6 have written plans that define the course of action in case of crime, emergency, or accident.
Maintaining a rapport with the police who report to arrests is a must for guards at malls.

Mall Security

Malls are public places which see hundreds to thousands of visitors daily, depending upon its size and popularity. Such places, hence, need a strict guard force for civilian safety.

When the mall is open, multiple security teams keep constant watch of the place. Each floor has at least one guard. But multiple guards are present at theatres and in-mall markets.

The teams

Primarily, there is a team of guards at all entrances and exits. Their duty is to check the visitors and their belongings to ensure public safety.

Further, a guard is allotted to big stores spanning more than a couple of shops. They stamp bills, check for shoplifting, and guide customers for exchange/return.

Finally, there is a team dedicated to parking. These guards check all the vehicles manually and with electronic detectors. They also guide visitors for organised parking.


The mall security guards are trained to call the police in arrest cases. They keep a sharp eye on visitors and mall staff for shoplifting. In case of a threat, they must inform the authorities.

During the night-time, the duties are just as grave. They guard the property against robbery and burglary. They are also in charge of action in case of natural disasters, threats, and emergencies.

Mall Housekeeping

Due to the great footfall at malls, frequent cleaning becomes critical. Janitors, cleaners, store staff, all take care of housekeeping at malls.

The teams and their duties

The cleaning team performs floor-mopping many times a day. They also clean open areas, terraces, escalators, and lifts.

For deep cleaning of washrooms, janitorial staff is present. At many malls, a cleaner is present in washrooms at all times to maintain utmost hygiene.

Finally, the stores are allotted the highest staff. They steam-iron hung clothes, guide customers, keep watch on changing rooms. They also clean the store.

To wrap it up

As evident, a lot goes in keeping a mall functional and thriving. Hence, it is crucial to hire all the staff from the same place to maintain system efficiency. HPFMS provides shopping mall maintenance services for big and small malls. The staff is encouraged to stay disciplined, follow protocol, and maintain the property well. To know more about our offerings, send us a message.