Night Inspection Rounds

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Night Inspection Rounds

The sector in which HPFMS is working has always been very rough. To maintain its operation in its utmost efficiency there are some measures and working styles which HPFMS has adopted in its many years of existence. The sector handles people. The commodity is people who might not understand the meaning of Professional Service. These people might lack the discipline which a professional service requires. There is always a chance of some unpleasant activity which might happen on the field which can defeat the purpose for which the security guards are assigned. There are many measures which are taken with promptness in HPFMS, one of which is ‘Night Inspection Rounds’.

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The night inspections of all the client sites are ensured between 2200 hr to 0400 night hours without any prior intimation to those deployed on duty or the residents of the sites.

The night inspection round achieves All Time Alertness, Reporting, Assessment of the overall underground situation, Assessment of the guards, their working styles, their character and genuinity, according to which they can be rewarded or replaced.

All Time Alertness –
Carrying out night inspection rounds of all client security sites on regular basis ensures all time alertness on the field. The core team for the purpose comprises MD&CEO Mr. Pallav Sharma, Operations head Mr. Narindra & all the Field officers of the company.

Reporting –
The night inspections are led by Mr. Pallav Sharma as a team leader & followed by submission of written reports of every inspection for their detailed analysis & desired prompt remedial action, if any. This reporting makes these rounds and the results more organised and the assessment more accurate.

Assessment of the overall Field situation –
In the day time many of the field activities which are carried out by someone or the group of people for some internal feud or some dispute, are at halt. To get more understanding of the situation and the actual experience on the field the night rounds become necessary. Without this assessment there can be no solution to the supposed problems on the field.

Assessment of the Guards –
This overall assessment of the situation helps understand the guards and their supposed inner coordination in executing these unwanted acts. This also helps in identifying loyal and genuine people who do their jobs properly and can be helpful in stopping the situation go out of hand on the field.

Working Styles of the Guards –
People are impulsive and everyone has their quirks which define their working styles. Allotment of the work which suits the working style helps maintain maximum efficiency on the field.

Rewards and Recognition –
This overall knowledge about the actual people who work on the field and the scenario in which they work helps make the accurate assessment if someone deserves a reward or a replacement. The motivation & morale of all concerned security guards is ensured through the principle of rewards & replacements for ever alert & delinquent guards respectively, based on the assessment.

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Carrying out night inspection rounds of all client security sites on regular basis for ensuring all-time alertness among all the deployed security guards is an appreciable hallmark of HPFMS. The conduct of night rounds as a regular feature of HPFMS has bought a sea change in ensuring ‘24×7 hours alertness’ & working efficiency among all the concerned security.