The Significance of Hospital Housekeeping

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The Significance of Hospital Housekeeping

At a hospital, bacteria and viruses are easily found. With sick people all around, cleanliness becomes crucial at such a place. If strict rules aren’t followed, healthy people become prone to illnesses.

Hospital housekeeping needs constant effort, planning, and execution. A reliable hospital cleaning service focuses on all aspects equally.

What do the stats say?

1 in 25 patients has a Healthcare Acquired Infection (HAI).
Globally, 80,00 patients die due to HAI.
The HAI incidence rate is higher in India than developed nations. It ranges from 4% to 27%.
The bugs causing HAI grow in the hospital. They survive in the curtains, call buttons, hospital beds, etc.
Healthcare workers are the principal cause of infection transmission.

Role of housekeeping in hospitals

The Hospital Housekeeping Staff can be divided into Attendants, Supervisors and Inspectors. The housekeeping services include cleaning and disinfecting. Both procedures are vital to hospital hygiene. This is how they differ:


Cleaning helps keep dust, moulds, and insects away. It uses soaps, enzymes, water, and scrubs.
It includes tasks like:
 Washing of sheets and curtains
 Deep cleaning washrooms
 Waste disposal
 Janitorial services


Clean surfaces are further disinfected. Disinfectants made of phenol, iodine, and chlorine help in this. They help in getting rid of germs and bacteria.
Sanitisation is done for area and objects. Beds, curtains, drawers, surgery tools, all need to be sterilized.

Duties of hospital housekeeping services

Hospital cleaning services aid in keeping everyone immune. Hence, they need 24×7 attendance of expert staff. They are obliged to keep everything clean and germ-free.
Here are some major duties of a hospital housekeeping service:

To classify

Hospital areas are classified into low, medium, or high risk. This helps in allocating duties to staff area wise. Each area needs specific cleaning tools and materials. Cleaning rules also change with the risk factor. The division, thus, helps maintain the system.

To customize

 Each hospital is different. The number of lockers, janitorial rooms, ICUs, and operation theatres varies. Hence, cleaning plans should be formed accordingly. This helps with service efficiency.

To methodize

The housekeeping staff maintain the system in the long run. That includes:
 Deciding frequency of cleaning and shifts
 Keeping accurate duty records
 Conducting staff meetings

To train

Only highly professional staff can know how to prevent allergies and infections. They are vigilant, active in their chores, and efficient in duty.
A complete training includes:
 Rigorous initial training
 Regular assessment
 Inclusion of new methods
 Inspection of skills and competency


Cleaning services play a vital role in keeping hospitals germ-free. And any negligence can cost lives. Thus, hiring expert staff is a need more than a choice.

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