Your Guide to Creating a Fancy Garden in Your Backyard

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Your Guide to Creating a Fancy Garden in Your Backyard

The best way to put your empty backyard to good use is to bring it to life with a couple home-grown vegetable crops and flowery plants. Not only is a well-designed garden pretty to the eye, but it also serves the purpose of providing fresh environment, and it also might come around serving you fresh, home grown vegetables and fruits.  But why not take this a step forward? A few tricks, and your garden will look like a beautiful work of art, and what’s best is that it is easier than it sounds.

What makes your garden attractive
When we are thinking creative use of space, we have to think out of the conventional garden styles. Forget row-wise sowing and unplanned, random planting. The best way to make optimum use of space is by planting in compact patches and letting your plants grow upwards instead of outwards, which will help occupy less ground. Planting vegetables in rows is not the best idea since backyards are not as big as farms. One more mistake to avoid is not keeping enough lawn to stroll through the garden. Plan your plants out in such a way that each patch is easily reachable, thus avoiding the messy look that backyard gardens generally have.

Creative tricks to adopt

  • Garden BedsThe best way to highlight your most loved plantation is by putting it on a display. Or at least that’s what Garden Beds look like. You can create a garden bed by pounding soil in a particular patch of land in your background on a level that approximately reaches 11 inches from the ground, thus making a ‘bed’. The borders can be bound by making cement or wood blocks of the dimensions of the bed and fixing them on the ground. This not only showcases your plants, but also reduces soil erosion and pest invasion. Exotic roses, fancy flowers and sensitive vegetable crops make best hosts for garden beds.
  • Trellis
    Trellises are basically wooden or metallic architectural structures used as supports for growing climber plants. They come in various sizes, and provide a fashionable and rustic look to the garden. Growing flowering creepers on trellises makes for a good view. Other options are money plants, morning glory and jasmines, which, when grown in thick bunches, add to the eccentric beauty of the garden.
  • AccessoriesTo increase the show of your backyard, you can use accessories like fancy bird feeders, tiny fountains, bulbs and LED series. Care should be taken that accessories look best when they are minimalistic, and overdoing them might make your garden look gaudy.

Get to work
Map out the space you have and decide what you would like to plant and how would you like to plant it. Create a planning sheet and draw out patches where you would like to add amenities like Garden Beds, Trellis, and other accessories in order to get a clarity before jumping directly to field work. A beautiful backyard will not only keep you active, but will also rejuvenate your senses after a long day at work.