How does a Clean Office affect your Work and Business?

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How does a Clean Office affect your Work and Business?

Avoiding hiring an office housekeeping company to save those few bucks? While it may seem feasible now, it can later cost you dearly. Let’s do the math. An average employee spends half of his day at work. This is enough time to give rise to germs, waste, and dust; all of which lead to poor hygiene, pests, and diseases.

What do the stats say?

82% of the office staff feel that a cleaner office environment would make them more productive at work.
The average work desk has about 400x more germs than the average toilet seat. Feel threatened yet?
The air quality in a closed office space can be up to 500% worse than the air quality in an open space. Reconsidering at what places you should wear an air-mask to?
An office’s bacteria count increases by a tragic 30% every day the office is not sanitised.

If the workspace is not cleaned rigorously and regularly, the dirt can pile up, leading to an unhealthy domain. Here are some ways in which office cleaning services help with reducing business costs and boosting work quality.

Fresher the locale, more the enthusiasm

 A dust and germ-free space can do wonders. When the air of the workspace is clean and fragrant, you will feel more energized and welcoming towards your responsibilities.

Keep the filth at bay

 No one likes to sit on soggy chairs or use eaten-up drawers. Regular cleaning by professionals from an office housekeeping company can keep moulds, pests, and insects away. This can substantially increase the life of the furniture around you.

Embrace a happier work life

 You spend nearly half of your day in an office. Why not spend it in a bright, well ventilated, fragrant, and clean place? A gloomy and unclean environment could heavily reduce your productivity and affect the mood.

A sanitised workspace is a healthy workspace

 Regular and deep cleaning of the pantry and washrooms is the most important task an office housekeeping company must fulfil. These are the two spaces that need the most maintenance and affect the employees’ health the most.

Lesser the mess, more the productivity

 If you can spend lesser time organizing your desk or cleaning the document shelves, would it not make your life easier? Office cleaning services, therefore, help you with everyday dusting, washing, and cleaning, so that you can focus on more important things.


As evident, a clean workspace can do wonders for the office and the employees alike. HPFMS provides exhaustive office cleaning services. The staff is adept at deep cleaning, sanitising, and organising office spaces. As a well-experienced office housekeeping company, HPFMS ensures quality service along with remarkable customer satisfaction. To know how the company can help with keeping your office clean, get in touch.