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HPFMS Features


We at HP Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd. are deeply aware that the delivery of an excellent service is predominantly in the hands of our dedicated workforce and with such an important part to play in the overall success of the company, We constantly strive to train, monitor and evaluate all our Security & housekeeping personnel while allowing them to enhance their skills by providing continual training. At HP Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd. we understand that each client is unique and require customized security & housekeeping needs. We provide experts in each type of Security, Housekeeping & Manpower placement services; our staff is available for full time basis.


Our Supervisors, Field Officers & back-end team train and prepare our guards in areas of concern to meet your start to end needs. With our strong back up team, you can rest be assured that everything is in capable and safe hands. You can rely on HP Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd. to plan your security & Housekeeping arrangements meticulously and execute them with precision. We carry out random checks on our guards on day or night basis to ensure that any problems are dealt with immediately. Our Supervisors are always on hand as extra support, paying random visits to the guards on site.

 HP Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd. thrives to deliver all the services with complete faith and quality to achieve client satisfaction and assure to build a strong long term relation with all the members to help one and all grow together  reaching heights of success in a perfectly secure & quality driven environment. We believe in our employees who are fully trained and completely equipped to promptly act accordingly in a pressure situation to maintain a controlled safeguarded condition.


Our Integrity, Vigilance and Commitment are our main strategy points to deliver our vision. The main motive and inspirations of our base are segmenting our operations, increasing our technical knowledge, sharing while providing best practices and adding volume and know-how through the right sources and acquisitions.

We are a client-focused security organization with trained personnel’s to ensure that our workforce provides a responsive program. Our main outlook is to redefine security & housekeeping services, maintain customer relations, maintain correct recruitment and selection provide training, supervision and form a quick responsive team to define HP Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

HP FACILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES PVT. LTD; (HPFMS), began out of the desire to expand its Management Services business over the years. Although originally from a market experience in the present Management Services business, the company realizes the need for expansion basis the solid fundamentals set up in the existing business base, steady growth shown in top & bottom lines and a firm Management  team for a personnel agency that fills a void left by other temporary and permanent placement agencies. HPFMS matches specifically skilled workers with clients, saving businesses time and money, while providing for its employees with honesty and honor. This requires a high level of communication. It means asking open-ended questions and listening, not talking. This means knowing the local market so HPFMS can really serve each client and employee, not just “sell” them our goods. HPFMS is quality service.