Lifestyle Changes – Adaptability to Change in Entrepreneurship


Lifestyle Changes – Adaptability to Change in Entrepreneurship

Many of the corporate executives hesitate to kick start their entrepreneurial endeavor owing to lesser valued factor – “Predictable fear to adapt the change management in their day to day lifestyle”. Individuals those continue to ride their existing corporate nerve-racking wave even if it calls for ‘jumping from one job to another & moving from one company to another every 2-3 years’ waste lot of man-hours in discouraging entrepreneurship fearing adaptability to short term lifestyle changes . On the contrary, most of the successful entrepreneurs acknowledge predictable CHANGE as a BAU affair with loads of positivity. All the booming entrepreneurs do plan out right timelines, fix up sturdy business model, sets up strongest business fundamentals, trust their successful experience, shed FUDs in their minds & deliver targeted deadlines through ‘seamless execution, patience & grit’. Their actions make louder noise, their precision/focus spread positivity & their aura multiplies happy working culture among co workers as they continue to lead ‘fearlessly’ from the front.  Any fear of ‘short termed’ changing lifestyle factored least in their TO-DO list because in Life & in Business, first 3 years are the toughest to contend with.

Amusing Predictable (Entrepreneurial) Lifestyle Fears:

1. Anticipated Fear of maintaining EMIs – Very often most of the probable entrepreneurs never put up courage to deal their EMI apprehensions linked to their salary & related components. On the contrary well timed & thoroughly planned exercise does mitigate this fear factor.

2. Anticipated Fear of shedding placate zone – First three years of setting up strong business base often demands shedding off overtly comfort factors, those in the past unconsciously might surged in owing to peer pressures & well supported EMI culture. In a developed country, if any PM drives on a bicycle to his/her office, it becomes a best practice example, gets highlighted in different social media platforms however if any budding entrepreneur takes similar step to hit office even twice a week on a similar mode, it may reflect otherwise on changing lifestyle. The fact of matter vestiges to be a grounded leader- ‘successful entrepreneurs never pay heed to any such conscious decisions’.

3. Anticipated Fear of Managing Perceptions – ‘Often feeble leaders allow negative perceptions to effect their minds & result orientation’. Such leaders hold amusing views on changing lifestyles towards budding entrepreneurs. Most likely they ‘chatter more & perform average’ & such leaders do find ‘Change’ as the most difficult word in an English dictionary. Negative Perceptions leads to ‘know-it-all’ ethnicity & adds up to a fear of Lifestyle changes.

4. Anticipated Fear of ‘IF’ factor- ‘Often leaders do underestimate power of Patience & gives up too fast’. Few leaders, out of IF factors fix up different set of laws for an entrepreneurial role. Basic stepladders of discipline must not get diluted unlike setting up stretchy office timing for self or delegating core responsibilities or defocusing top/bottom line deliverables or devaluing VC/Shareholder’s confidence or not leading from the front. All such changing behaviors clearly castigate strength of successful entrepreneurial values leading to perceived life style fears. However, successful entrepreneurs set up no different rules for raising their bars & staying away from negative ‘IF’ factors.

To my mind, ‘To-Do’ list of Successful entrepreneurs echo Risk taking ability, Ethical fundamentals, Focused Mission & Vision statements, Being grounded/connected to last mile, Being Compliant, Being Transparent, Customer First, Quality orientation, Emphasis on stronger Values, Build Happy culture, Respect Business Partners, Appreciate success stories, Contribution to national interest so on and so forth…. Where does Lifestyles change get listed???

Accomplishing anything great in life requires significant change that pushes us beyond our comfort zones.