Lord Ganesha’s Attributes – Corporate Significance

HPFMS | Lord Ganesha’s Attributes – Corporate Significance

Lord Ganesha’s Attributes – Corporate Significance

Ganesha Chaturthi is the celebration in honour of the elephant-headed Lord Ganesha. It marks the beginning of the 10 happy long days of festival. This is also a time to reflect on attributes of Lord Ganesha. These attributes will help anyone who instills them for living a better quality of life.

Key attributes of Lord Ganesha guide us to improve on day to day corporate behaviors & help improve on our leadership impact.

1. Good Listening

One of the most distinguished traits of Lord Ganesha is that he has large ears. Because of this, he is also named as ‘Surpakarna’. His large ears make him a good listener; this is an important quality that is required for any corporate leader to deliver best of man-managerial results. Unconsciously many leaders reflect blind spot on this key leadership trait. Good Listening eliminates the distractions & help build timely support. By being a good listener, Leaders can build trust and retention.

2. Courage

Lord Ganesha’s stomach signifies his magnanimous nature & he is also called Vighnaharta. Vighnaharta signifies elimination of all the negativity & problems. One can benefit from this trait if one strives for gaining more courage during the challenging times. Most of the corporate sales leaders in their respective boiler’s rooms slip out on fixing execution courage among their team members. Target based Result Orientation demands agility, quick thinking & courageous execution. Courage constructs character traits that make you a successful leader. Courage portrays Lord Ganesha’s ability to endure & manage every obstacle that comes in the path of life.

3. Humility

Lord Ganesha has a mouse as his vehicle. This reflects respect & humility for smallest of the creature. In corporate leadership, connecting up with the last mile with humility help gain ‘on the field’ timely feedback. It helps analyzing real time challenges including critical gaps. Humility & Generosity builds immense leadership respect resulting in setting up ethical fundamentals.

4. Wisdom

Ganesha has a big head; it signifies the ability to understand the things in a logical way. It urges an individual to plan big & seek more knowledge. Training/L&D in a corporate world develops this trait in the best of Leaders to think out of box or beyond any fixed boxes. Those commands subject knowledge in their respective department outsmart average performers. It helps gaining brilliance for achieving growth & excellence.

5. Leadership

One of the popular names of Lord Ganesha is Vinayak. It signifies person with strong Leadership qualities and has a power to accomplish whatever he/she dreams off. Leaders who motivate themselves have the power to conquer any hardships. This reflects the power to influence others through guidance and empowerment. Finest of the corporate leaders do exhibit Power of empowering, Leading from the front & Grit to accomplish stretched targeted results.

Gan means group. It is the energy from which everything manifests and into which everything will dissolve.

Enjoy festive times & be a victorious leader.

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