Moving Ahead!

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Moving Ahead!

Dear Well wishers of the company,

We achieved strong financial performance, continued to successfully implement our strategy and laid a strong foundation for our future.

2015-16 was another successful year for HPFMS. We grew our business, increased our profitability and advanced key strategic intents. This enabled us to improve our competitiveness and create value for shareholders.

Led by our long-term ‘vision’ to be most valued company in ‘Facility Management’ space by 2020-21 and guided by our core value system, we continued to implement our strategy. We want to outperform our competition as a company with stronger compliances, operations efficacy and an inspired team. Our clear focus on this strategy and the dedication of our employees & field staff around were critical to delivering strong performance – despite a highly volatile and challenging business environment especially for a Start up.

In 2015-16, the economy grew only moderately. The growth in Facility management business industry continued to slow down during 2015-16. However HPFMS delivered 117% top line growth with total revenue base crossed 22.5 million.

Strong performance in 2015-16


Sales Growth

In 2015-16, HPFMS sales grew to Rs.1,40,00,000, a significant increase compared to Rs.64,00,000 in the previous year. Organic sales growth was 117.0 percent. The staff strength crossed 150 plus compared to 85 in the previous year. Client base doubled over last year despite conscious call to pull out of fewer weaker accounts.

Outperform our bottom line performance


Gross Profit

We have identified Compliance, Ethics & Stronger Process Orientation as key drivers of our business success and made further progress in integrating it into all dimensions of our business. In 2015-16, we continued to standardise and consolidate our ‘bottom line’ platform including Quality management Systems. We also improved internal networking and collaboration including customer care activities. HPFMS’s Gross Profit moved up to 14% compared to 3% in the previous year.

Inspire our performing team


Staff Retention

Strong Fundamentals, Ethics & Contribution to National significance by providing Job opportunities to the last mile (as Security & housekeeping staff) are the strengths of our business. This significant increase over the previous year was driven by continuous passion, investment in building happy working culture and changing gears within distinct set bottom line targets.

Our commitment to deliver best in class retention within facility management industry is reflection of team’s man management skills & tremendous stretched efforts.

Strong relationships with our major customers are a critical success factor for our business and helped us to grow our Share of sales, Manpower base, Retention & Quality results with them in 2015-16. In order to excel in a highly dynamic and complex business environment, wherein our core product is a Manpower, we build 24*7 stronger execution platforms. We aim to continuously improve our HO team and foster a unique performance culture in the company.

Committed to leadership in sustainability

2015-16 was an important milestone on our path toward our long-term sustainability goal. By 2020, we want to triple the value we create for our customers, for the communities in which we operate and for our company – compared to the Manpower footprint of our operations and newer products.

I am proud to report that we exceeded our interim targets for the first two-year period up to 2015-16. We improved our overall resource efficiency by 100 percent between 2014 and 2015-16. This has created a strong foundation to meet our long-term goal by 2020.

2016-17 marks another milestone in sustainability for us. We have published our 2015-16 Annual Report. We are committed to leadership in sustainability – this is anchored in our company values.

Committed to our targets

It’s not all about numbers in HPFMS. 2015-16 was an excellent year for HPFMS. We achieved strong financial performance, continued to successfully implement our strategy and laid a strong foundation for our future. I am convinced that the company is well positioned to continue to prosper and grow.

I would like to thank all HPFMS employees for their dedication and contribution to our excellent business performance well guided by Chairman Mr. B.D. Sharma & very well executed by Partner & CDO Mrs. Kalpana Singh. I would like to especially thank, our shareholders, for their continued trust and support.

I would also like to thank our customers for their confidence in our company, people, brand and fundamentals. On behalf of my entire team, I am thankful to all our family members, friends & Well wishers for your motivation & silent wishes.

Everyone at HPFMS is fully committed to our strategy and targets, and we will continue to implement our strategy and deliver excellent performance.