How We Set Up Before Cleaning Your Office

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How We Set Up Before Cleaning Your Office

Here is how we set up area, equipment and chemicals before cleaning your Office.

Organize access for cleaning

Before we start cleaning, we make sure we have access to all parts of the area to be cleaned.

  • Most routine cleaning duties do not require moving furniture. We only move chairs when cleaning under desks.
  • We may need to clean around heavy items such as filing cabinets and bookshelves.
  • We check with the site manager or client before we disconnect and move electrical items, such as computers.

Which power points are suitable to use

  • We check with the site manager or client before we plug any cleaning equipment into a power point.
  • Some power points are only suitable for highly specialized electrical equipment, such as computers.


Housekeeping Services in Pune, office cleaning

Cleaning equipment, chemicals and PPE

housekeeping services in Pune, office cleaning

Using barricades and warning signs

When cleaning floors and bathrooms during working hours we may need to block access to an area until the floor is clean and dry.  This is particularly the case when cleaning bathrooms. We use barricades or warning signs to prevent people from walking on WET floors. We place warning signs at the entrances and/or exits of the area we are cleaning.

Housekeeping Services in Pune, office cleaning


We notice existing damage to the work site.  Any damage is reported to the supervisor immediately. We also make sure if changes to cleaning tasks or additional cleaning activities would better meet our client’s needs. If we think our cleaning specification requires changing we discuss this with the supervisor and make appropriate changes.

The Cleaner’s Trolley

A fully stocked cleaner’s trolley always helps clean efficiently. We do not waste time by going back to the cleaner’s room for additional supplies. The chemicals, equipment and consumable required on a cleaner’s trolley will vary depending upon the type of facility being cleaned. However as a general rule our cleaner’s trolley has following items:

Safety equipment:

  • Floor safety signs
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); gloves and protective eye wear.

Cleaning Chemicals:

  • Neutral detergent – safe on all surfaces
  • Window cleaner/ streak free spray and wipe
  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Additional chemicals may include carpet spotters, polishes, disinfectants, air-fresheners.


  • Waste bin liners
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper hand towels
  • Hand soap for toilets.


  • Cleaning cloths and microfibre cloths
  • High dusting tools
  • Mop and bucket (optional – requires large trolley)     Micro-fibre floor mops

Vacuum cleaner (optional – requires large trolley).

Housekeeping Services in Pune, office cleaning

Safety problems with electrical equipment

Before commencing any cleaning we check all our equipment and make sure they are in good working order. We do not use faulty cleaning equipment.

The problems we look for include:

  • Leads, plugs and electrical wiring – we look for cuts, fraying and exposed wires
  • Excessive vibration
  • Excessive noise from the motor or gearbox
  • Vacuum system not working.
  • We make sure our electrical equipment has a current electrical tag.

Preparing chemicals & PPE

  • We only use detergents specifically designed for the surfaces we are cleaning.
  • We always read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the chemical we are using. It will give us information about: What protective clothing to wear; first aid information; properties of the chemical; and health hazard information; storage and transport information.
  • We read the label for instructions to dilute and use the detergent.
  • We wear gloves and protective eye wear when diluting concentrated chemicals.
  • We pour the amount of chemical we need from the chemical bottle into a well-labelled measuring cup. We Never tip or pour directly from the container.

These precautions and a procedural set up makes us maintain our quality with maximum efficiency and makes us avoid any hazards.

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